Things to do in Colorado Springs

Things to do in Colorado Springs, Colorado

There are more things to do in Colorado Springs than just white water rafting!

Rafting the Royal Gorge near Colorado Springs, Colorado
Raft the Royal Gorge Near Colorado Springs, Colorado

There’s no shortage of activities in Colorado Springs. An urban city, more approachable than its larger neighbor, Denver, Colorado Springs is home to great Colorado attractions both in and just outside the city limits.

Historic Hotels, Waterfalls, Lions and Tigers and Bears

On the Western Slope of the City, near the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo and historical Broadmoor Hotel is the natural wonder of Seven Falls. Walls soaring nearly 950 feet beside you in parts, the 400 foot elevation climb during 224 stair steps to the Seven Falls is pretty spectacular. Once you’ve reached the top, enjoy two side hikes ranging from 30-60 minutes round trip. The Seven Walls area is listed on the National Geographic list of International Waterfalls and should not be missed on your Colorado Springs vacation.

Hiking, Rock Climbing and Red Rock

Also on the Western side of Colorado Springs is the Garden of the Gods Park. This park has over 15 miles of trails where you can hike, bike or horseback ride, taking in some spectacular views of Colorado Springs area and the sandstone and limestone rock formations that encapsulate the park. There is also some great rock climbing routes in the Garden of the Gods Park. Visitors can enjoy a rock climbing introductory tour. Garden of the Gods Park is Handicap accessible and dog friendly.

Baseball America’s Favorite Pastime

No visit to any city would be right without taking in some Sports. The Colorado Sky Sox Minor League baseball team was located to Colorado Springs in 1988. Security Service Field in Eastern Colorado Springs is one of the highest baseball stadiums in the West Coast as it stands at 6,531ft. Colorado Sky Sox games a family friendly and full of fun.

Whitewater Rafting near Manitou Springs and Pikes Peak

Family Rafting Near Colorado Springs
Family Rafting Near Colorado Springs

Just West of Colorado Springs is the lovely town of Manitou Springs, Colorado which is the gateway for plenty of Colorado Springs outdoor tourism. The Pikes Peak Cog Railway offers a great scenic route to the summit of Pikes Peak. Leaving Manitou Springs, the Cog Railway takes roughly 3-4 hours round trip and along the way you view ancient 2000 yr old pine trees and spruce, Bighorn Sheep and Mule Deer. Above tree line, you can see great distances including two mountain ranges to the South and West (the Sangre de Christo and Collegiate Peak ranges respectively) and even Denver’s skyline on a clear day.

Spelunking in Colorado Caves

Another great Manitou Springs activity near Colorado Springs is the Cave of the Windss. Experience 500 million year old geology in three different cave tours offered: Discovery Tour, Lantern Tour and Eco-Ventures. In primitive times, roughly 1000AD, this area was known as the Great Spirit of the Wind. The limestone found in the caves is from the Paleozoic era and dates back roughly 500 million years. The caves are truly a great spectacle of natural wonder.

Colorado Springs Cowboys and Indians

Along your tour of Manitou Springs area, don’t forget the Anasazi Cliff Dwellings found in the area. Protected by shelves of sandstone, the Cliff Dwellings are an amazing way to learn more of how the ancient Indians once lived in this mountainous and desolate place. The dwellings have been faithfully reconstructed and preserved to give visitors the most authentic indication of life as it was lived by the Anasazi. Visitors also enjoy the beautifully Pueblo crafted Anasazi Museum and gift shop adjacent the dwellings.

Proud to live in the USA

Military Rafting Discounts in Colorado
Military Rafting Discounts in Colorado

Before leaving Colorado Springs, visitors love to experience the United States Air Force Academy. The Barry Goldwater Air Force Academy Visitor Center was built in 1986 and has a world of information inside, including movies giving viewers more insight to life as a USAFA cadet and the history of the Academy. Visitors can also enjoy a self-guided walking tour of the Academy and get glimpses of the Cadets in action.