Arkansas River Basin Snowpack Update

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Snowpack Update

Arkansas River Basin Snowpack Update

River Runners is a Colorado whitewater rafting company on the Arkansas River. Each winter, the snowpack is critical in determining how much water there will be to raft on in the spring and summer. Peak snowpack usually occurs around the second week of April. Other factors that impact rafting conditions include reservoir storage and spring and summer weather patterns.

Update for March 11, 2020

Current snowpack in the Arkansas River Basin is 106% of average based on the past 40 years of record. The upper basin, which has a greater impact on the whitewater rafting season, is looking even better. Here are the top three drainages.

  • Fremont Pass – 118%
  • Brumley – 151%
  • Porphyry Creek (Monarch Mountain) – 123%

Reservoirs are in good shape, but soil moisture is dryer than normal due to a dry summer and fall in 2019.

There is still a month to go until average peak snowpack, but we are looking good for the 2020 rafting season – especially with more snow in the short and long-term forecast.

Arkansas River Basin Snowpack Update.

Arkansas River Basin Time Series Snowpack Summary

The live graph below compares the current snowpack with the previous three years plus a 40-year mean and median.

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