One Day Class IV-V

Advanced Rafting Trips Colorado

Advanced Colorado Whitewater Rafting

Arkansas River Class IV-V

Run class V rapids like a pro. Advanced whitewater rafting trips depart from both River Runners locations on the Arkansas River. Challenge Royal Gorge rafting in Cañon City, or Pine Creek and Numbers rafting in Buena Vista.

  • High water is in June
  • Advanced rafting sections close at certain water flows (call for availability)
  • At high flows other sections become high adventure – don’t miss out

Frequently Asked Questions about Advanced Rafting in Colorado

Frequently Asked Questions About Advanced Rafting in Colorado



When is the best time to raft advanced whitewater in Colorado?

Late May and June is usually high water in Colorado. If you are looking for a high-adrenaline rafting trip this is the time to go. Please call for river flow information, because some advanced rafting trips are not available at certain water levels.


Do you need previous rafting experience to raft class V?

Previous rafting experience is recommended, but not required to raft the Numbers or Royal Gorge. To raft Pine Creek you must have rafted the Royal Gorge, the Numbers or a similar class IV – V rafting trip.


How old do you have to be to raft class V?

To raft the Numbers or Royal Gorge (class IV-V) with River Runners you must be at least 14 – 16 years old depending on water levels. Pine Creek (class V) participants must be at least 18 years old with previous class IV-V rafting experience.

River Rafting Trips

Cañon City, Colorado

Arkansas River


Arkansas River – Cañon City

Royal Gorge Rafting Center

44642 US. Hwy. 50 Cañon City, CO 81212

Royal Gorge

    • Full or Half Day
    • Class IV – V
    • Fully Guided
    • Minimum Age 14
    • Experience Recommended

River Rafting Trips

Buena Vista, Colorado

Arkansas River

Riverside Rafting Resort

Arkansas River – Buena Vista

Riverside Rafting Resort

24070 County Road 301 Buena Vista, CO 81211

The Numbers

    • Full Day, Half Day or Overnight
    • Class IV – V
    • Fully Guided
    • Minimum Age 16
    • Experience Recommended


Pine Creek

    • Full Day
    • Class V
    • Fully Guided
    • Minimum Age 18
    • Experience Required