Colorado White water Rafting Yampa River

Posted on April 17, 2011

You may only raft the Yampa River a few weeks each spring

This makes the Yampa River one of the most sought after white water rafting adventures in America
Raft 72 miles through a colorful 2,000 ft. deep sandstone gorge in Colorado’s Dinosaur National Monument, the Yampa has carved a spectacular canyon maze unsurpassed for its sublime beauty and wilderness. National Geographic Traveler Magazine call its “scope and grandeur too big to take in at one time the sense of isolation nearly complete.” River craft is the only means of traversing the rock and wildlife fantasy land.

The Yampa Canyon has a scale that rivals the Grand Canyon

The Yampa River is the LAST MAJOR FREE-FLOWING RIVER in the entire Colorado River system, and at prime in May and early June when there are large playful waves from first day to last. Warm Springs Rapid, considered one of the west’s “Big Drops.”

Your Yampa Canyon on the Yampa River Rafting trip will depart from our Adrift Adventures office in Jensen, Utah Near Dinosaur National Monument

The five day Yampa river trip rafts 72 miles through Yampa, Whirlpool and Split Mountain Canyons. These 2,000 ft. deep sandstone gorges are a remote, pristine wilderness in the heart of Dinosaur National Monument.

Since the canyons are roadless, we bring all food and gear on the rafts to undeveloped camps each night.
Adrift Adventures provides transportation from the meeting place to the start of the river trip, and then back to the Adrift Adventure store at trips end.
Professional white water rafting guides and all rafting related equipment are provided, including one watertight duffle bag per person to carry personal gear.
All meals from first day to last day lunch are included, and we offer vegetarian alternatives.
No previous rafting experience is required. Minimum age is 8 years, except on special family trips.