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It's going to be an epic rafting season in Colorado.

Arkansas River Basin snowpack update and high water »

Raft the Arkansas River in Colorado The Colorado rafting season is expected to start early and last longer than normal after an above average winter that does not want to quit. More snow is in the forecast for the Upper Arkansas River Basin, so we still don’t know the final total. One thing is for … read more

Colorado whitewater rafting in the Royal Gorge.

Find the best whitewater rafting in Colorado »

Colorado is known for having some of the best whitewater in the world, but what river in Colorado has the best whitewater rafting? Considering things like miles of whitewater, accessibility, natural beauty…

High water rafting trips.

Pro tips for whitewater rafting in Colorado this summer »

Get ready for high water on the Arkansas River A big snowpack equals big whitewater rafting in Colorado, but there are still tour options for beginners. Whether you are looking to hit peak runoff or find something more family friendly, we’ve compiled a few points to help you plan your raft trip this summer. PRO … read more

2019 Colorado snowpack above average.

Colorado snowpack continues to pile up as rafting season approaches »

Colorado snowpack above normal snow water equivelant It has been an awesome ski season in Colorado which will roll into an amazing whitewater rafting season this summer. Colorado statewide snowpack is 129% of normal as of March 11, 2019, according to the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS). This means Colorado’s creeks and rivers will be … read more

River Runners Best Guide Service.

River Runners Wins Best Whitewater Guide Company from Elevation Outdoors Magazine »

Best of the Rockies 2019 – Best Whitewater Guide Company Elevation Outdoors Magazine holds an annual contest where it asks its readers to nominate choices for the best businesses, people, destinations, and events in the Rocky Mountains. Then they hold a vote to determine winners. River Runners was nominated and won the business category of … read more

Colorado whitewater rafting on the Arkansas River.

Planning your Colorado rafting trip in a high-water year »

The Arkansas River Basin snowpack is above average. Every few years we get an above average snowpack in Colorado, which results in high flows on creeks and rivers during the spring and summer. This is looking to be one of those epic whitewater years. Colorado’s river basins are all in great shape with a statewide … read more

Mount Princeton near Buena Vista, Colorado.

Arkansas River Basin Snowpack Update – January 29, 2019 »

Above average snowpack could bring high water in 2019 It’s looking like it could be an epic year for whitewater rafting on the Arkansas River in Colorado. Current snowpack for the Arkansas River Basin is 131% of normal (232% of last year at this time) with more snow in the forecast. The drainages that impact … read more

Colorado raft guide jobs.

The best time to go whitewater rafting in Colorado »

A guide to Colorado’s Arkansas River A common question we get here at River Runners is “ when is the best time to go whitewater rafting?”. The answer can shift from year to year depending on the snowpack and runoff, but you can make an educated decision. Below is a quick guide to help you … read more

January 2019 Snowpack.

Arkansas River Basin snowpack update for January 2019 »

Arkansas River Basin snowpack above average The Arkansas River Basin snowpack got off to a great start and is still looking good for this time of year with above average readings and low elevation snow throughout the basin. Current snowpack for the full Arkansas River Basin is 109% of normal (219% of last year) with … read more

Colorado whitewater rafting in the Royal Gorge.

Five pro tips for planning your Colorado whitewater rafting vacation »

Colorado whitewater rafting tours on the Arkansas River Below are five pro tips for planning your Colorado whitewater rafting vacation on the Upper Arkansas River in Colorado. Above Photo: A River Runners raft exits the Royal Gorge of the Arkansas River near Cañon City, Colorado. By Catherine Eichel Photography. River Runners Winter Sale 40% Off … read more